Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Primer

A primer to neurotechnology and the underlying neuroscience principles.

Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Primer

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🧠 This introductory course provides a solid foundation in basic neuroscience principles and introduces you to various neurotechnologies and their underlying neuroscience. The course consists of four online modules:

1️⃣ Neuroscience Primer: Neuroanatomy, Neuron Structure and Function, Neuronal Circuits, and Neural Signal Recording.

2️⃣ Neuroprosthetics: Cochlear Implants and Auditory System, Retinal Implants and Visual System, and Motor neuroprosthetics and Sensorimotor Control.

3️⃣ Neuroimaging Primer: Structural Neuroimaging Technologies (CT, MRI), Functional Neuroimaging Technologies (fMRI, fNIRs, EEG) and their applications. Brain Networks and Oscillations.

4️⃣ Neurostimulation Primer: Non-Invasive Neuromodulation Techniques (TMS, TES, FUS), and Invasive Neurostimulation Techniques (DBS, VNS, Spinal Stim).

On completion of this micro-credential, learners will be broadly able to: 1) differentiate between the different neurotechnologies and their use cases; 2) obtain skill in exploring brain atlases and neuronal models in order to  understand basic brain systems and processes that are relevant for neurotech; 3) compare and contrast application of various neurotechnologies in assessing brain structure and function. The skills and knowledge gained in this micro-credential will be important for later micro-credentials in this program.

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