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We are partnering with Canada-based NeuroTechX, the leading association for NeuroTech enthusiasts worldwide (18,000+ members), with 30+ chapters (including Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo) and university clubs (30+, including Queen’s, Toronto, Waterloo, McMaster and York). NeuroTechX has the most active NeuroTech-focused job board in the world connecting members with top companies in the industry. They also provide recruiting services for the NeuroTech industry via their sister company NTX Services

For students, the program will provide links to neurotech companies that will offer preferential access to internships and employment interviews for those with the micro-credential.

For industry, the program will provide a curated pool of highly qualified candidates prepared to innovate ethically in the neurotech industry.

Advisors’ Expected Roles & Deliverables:

  • Validating structure and content of current set of Microcredentials/Courses (e.g., Reviewing syllabi by assessing relevance of Module and Sections)
  • Providing feedback on the choice of upcoming Microcredentials/Courses 
  • Participating in interviews highlighting the Advisor’s (practical) experience with key topics covered in our courses
  • Participating in interviews highlighting the Advisor’s entrepreneur journey (for upcoming NeuroEntrepreneurship course)
  • Participate in the Capstone project course as a project evaluator, and potential internship provider