Saurabh Shaw, PhD

Development Lead, Neuroimaging, BCIs

Saurabh Shaw

Saurabh Shaw is a translational neuroscientist focused on using machine learning tools to better understand the brain, and to develop cheap and easy-to-use neurotechnologies to improve diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders, such as PTSD. He has a PhD in Neuroscience, a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from McMaster University. He has also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Western University and is currently a Senior Data Scientist with Cognixion Inc.

His passion for the advancement of the neurotechnology community and more widespread neuroscience education has led him to found the Hamilton chapter of NeurotechX, with the objective of unifying interdisciplinary researchers, industry partners and clinicians with a common interest in applying neurotechnologies to improve health outcomes.